Welcome to my new site!

Welcome everyone to the latest incarnation of my portfolio website! It’s been a couple years since I have revamped my site, something which I seem to do every few years out of sheer change of personal style. But this time I’ve changed my site because of the great improvement in my web design and coding skills. In the last couple years, I have gone from a web dunce to a web wizard! (One pointy cap for another.) While I am by no means a web programmer, I have enough skills to get by to utilize web and CMS tools to make things functional, and enough CSS knowledge to make things pretty.

In the past I have been terrible about updating my portfolio on my site—even when my brother wrote some complicated code for me to easily upload new material to an HTML site—I still didn’t add my latest work on a regular basis. But this time around I have no excuse, because I am using the all powerful tool that is Drupal. Drupal is my favorite content management system, appropriate for people like me—designers who can kinda/sort of code and know enough to figure out the complicated backend work. (Otherwise I recommend Wordpress for those who know less code.)

To make things even easier on myself, I am using a pre-written theme, which I have customized to my heart’s desire. The SpecialOne theme developed by Leaftree, has just what I need to build a comprehensive, professional looking, yet still slightly quirky site. In the future I might even customize it more and add some more of my own design elements, but for now, I’m happy that I have a brand new site where I can easily upload all my latest work—no excuses!

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