SFCB Letterpress Workshop

This month I took an amazing workshop at the San Francisco Center for the Book on the table top platen press. It was really a life changing workshop, as I just fell in love with letterpress. For me, I love the historical aspect of letterpress printing, which we got to learn by typesetting our own greeting cards in the first day of the class. I think about all of the people that worked at newspapers and publishing houses and how quick they must have been knowing their way around a type case. For my type set I picked a classic Jimmy Stewart quote from one of the best movies of all time, The Philadelphia Story.

But the aspect of the letterpress I really fell in love with is the possibilities I would have to print my own work on photo polymer plates. Relatively cheap and easy to make, the plates can be reproduced from digital files, which is my expertise. I created a plate for the second day of class, of a dorky little holiday card with a hand-lettered Christmas pun and illustrated portrait of my cat Ponyo in a Santa hat. Though I had some troubleshooting problems, the actual printing of the card took no time at all. I love that letterpress is so quick, and also really easy to clean up with very little waste! I also met some great people in the class and had a really awesome teacher.

I actually fell in with letterpress so much, that I have decided to buy myself a table top platen press. I’ll be going down to L.A. this weekend to pickup my refurbished Kelsey 6x10 press! My new goal is to get going on the machine and be able to print all of the wedding invitations I create, and continue to get more clients and do business cards, my own greeting cards, etc.—the possibilities are endless!

And thats why I love letterpress! This feels pretty good turning 28 today, as I feel like I have a path to start my own business and do something I really love!

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