Calligraphy & Lettering Workshop with Molly Jacques

This last weekend I attended a wonderful workshop with the very talented Molly Jacques in San Francisco at the super cool Makeshift Society. The workshop focused one day on modern calligraphy and the second day on hand lettering and techniques to bring lettering illustration into the digital realm. I was so excited to meet Molly, and she proved to be so nice and beautiful inside and out. She is an inspiration for being a freelance artist, having honed a career in the wedding industry, and has now moved on to editorial work and teaching workshops such as this one.

I had taken one semester long calligraphy class in the past, which was super boring and tedious, since while we had a master calligrapher as a professor, he wanted us to focus on very traditional calligraphy—not at all the fun flourish-y stuff I see on modern wedding stationary. While Molly is a self taught calligrapher, she has honed and perfected her very own style based off of the traditional Copperplate calligraphy, which I find myself much more drawn to than historical calligraphy. She taught us modern calligraphy basics in her class, and we went on to create alphabets and compositions. I even practiced when I got home after the first day, writing at lines from Grease while I watched the movie.

Now that I know the basics of modern calligraphy, I have gotten so much better, but I know its still a matter of practice, practice, practice, before I can even begin to create my own style. All in all it was such an amazing workshop where I learned new skills and met lots of great women who are also designers and aspiring calligraphers!

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