For the Stanford Online High School I produce a yearly tri-fold brochure. This year something new and refreshing was needed to tie in with the new Stanford Pre-Collegiate Program Guide, while also being fun for high school students. The brochure needed to convey youthfulness and be informative, which I achieved with the use of infographics for interesting and important statistics and facts. The brochure is distributed as both a print and online version. There are also corresponding flyers.

For this 2015 Program Guide, I had the challenge of creating a new aesthetic and branding for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, while also finding a way to organize 16 programs in one booklet. To find the right organization for the booklet, I went around to many individuals in the programs to determine how the programs should be split up and ordered. This was a cross-program conversation, that will have many more application, especially in the re-launch of the Stanford Pre-Collegiate website this Fall.

These are various examples of ads created for Google AdWords. I created a template that could be used across all Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs, and could be altered to target keywords.

For Stanford High School Summer College I produce a yearly tri-fold brochure. It is tied to the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Program Guide and websites. The brochure is distributed as both a print and online version. There are also corresponding flyers.

These posters were designed as a marketing campaign to highlight the variety of subject areas that Stanford Pre-Collegiate Programs have to offer. These targeted the humanities, sciences, and mathematics, all highlights of the overall Stanford background and curriculum.

For the 2015 campaign cycle, Stanford Online High School sought to reach its four target markets of students. Using photos and quotes from actual students, I designed these "poster children" ads for both print and web.

For Stanford High School Summer College’s 2015 campaign, I created a new ad with a sleek design. It was repurposed and resized for different publications and web.

These are various ads that I have created for the different programs at Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies. These ads run in many print and digital media, and need to be flexible in layout so they can be easily resized for the specs of each outlet. They also have to be prepped for printing process and properly compressed for web.

This is a mockup of standup booth materials I have created for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies for the many conferences our organization attends each year. The goal was to look like the Stanford brand, but have different penguins for our individual programs depending on the need of the conference.

This is the bi-monthly digital magazine for the Stanford Online High School. This publication has changed a few times throughout the years, once being a Word doc, to a PDF, and now to a magazine-style publication released on ISSUU. I create all of the layouts, design graphics or utilize other designer’s graphics, use student artwork for covers and in editorials, and also help with organizational design of the articles and copywriting. This version of the publication has increased student/parent readership by about 140%.