Each year at Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies we give away materials and goodies at conferences. This year I designed a graphic map for a tote bag. Its an interpretation of Stanford University’s campus, including well-known landmarks, and interspersing our 16 programs throughout the campus.

A T-shirt design for The Inciters, a Northern Soul band from Santa Cruz. My good friend Betsy Jane is the lead singer and had the vision of a beehive and big lips, which I was completely enthused to create for her in a hand-lettered illustration. The t-shirts are sold at their concerts and sweatshirts were printed for the band members.

Watercolor of a punk-era interpretation of Achilles from Homer’sThe Illiad.

A watercolor for class, the assignment was to create a gift bag for a cosmetics brand.

This is a 15 color run screen print, complete with embossing, laid out in a tritych. It’s homage to the Spring 2010 Miu Miu collection by Miuccia Prada.

This is a collaborative illustration and screen print between my oldest friend Beca and me. She drew the island hat in NYC, sent the drawing to me and I added it to my illustration of the girl, and then screen printed our collaboration with a quote from our favorite childhood movie, Labyrinth.
This is a screen print of 6 color runs, illustrated, transferred, and screen printed all by hand.
My very first screen print! We were supposed to create an illustration for ourselves using two runs of color. It's the outline of my cat Ponyo and a model.
This was a project for friends and Etsy shop. The sweatshirts were hand painted with lots of love and care.